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HEOR Technology Services

We deliver value to our clients by making their data clear, impactful and accessible to wider audiences.


Broadstreet’s HEOR technology services aim to ensure you see the best possible return on the investment you have made in your research. We use technology to optimize all aspects of our work from the data collection to value demonstration stages.

During data collection our technology services can help ensure your data is collected in a manner that is secure, accurate, consistent and accessible to you in real time. At the data dissemination stage we can help you present your results in ways that speak to a wider audience by translating your data to visually engaging web-based apps that help you tell (and sell) the story of your research.

Have a look at some of our demos and recent work to see what we can do or watch a video to find out how our HEOR technology services can benefit you.

Our Work

Hypertension in Canada

Canadian Pharmacists Association

Value Demonstration Tools


Other Services

In addition to value demonstration, we can provide:

Secure data hosting for prospective and cross-sectional data collection exercises
Secure electronic data capture (EDC) for clinical data collected by chart review
Customized, study specific adherence measurement apps
The ability to implement multi-country surveys, including discrete choice experiments and physician practice questionnaires

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